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childrenICONTEACHING at its best is an art form, where the creativity of both the teacher and the students are nurtured.  A classroom at its best is a place of physical and emotional safety, where each participant can feel secure in sharing ideas and experiences.  The most satisfying part of teaching can be that moment of surprise, when ideas suddenly come together for a child, or when a student offers a new twist that you’ve never thought of, or best of all, when the entire class enters that elusive “flow” where music, teaching and creativity combine. The question then becomes: How can we encourage those moments of connection?

I AM AN ELEMENTARY MUSIC TEACHER and an occasional composer.  Over the years I’ve taught K-middle school.  I taught grades 1-5 in a private school for 15 years and currently teach K/1/2 at a public school.  I have taught children for over twenty years and for the past eight years I have also taught university level teacher training courses.  I look forward to sharing articles, music, and lesson activities with the music teacher community.

YOU ARE WARMLY INVITED to join in.  I hope to see some lively discussion in the comments that follow the articles.  If you have questions or suggestions, you can also contact me though the Contact form on the top header.  Welcome!

~ Liz

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