Summer Teacher Training

circlegroupSummer break for teachers can be a time to try something new, to challenge themselves musically, and to grow their teaching skills.  Many music teachers are inspired to take  an Orff Schulwerk course.  There are three “Levels” of courses, each of which introduces new materials.  When I took these summer courses years ago, it was a life changing moment.  I rediscovered the spark that had connected me to teaching music in the first place; I found a way to nurture creativity in both myself and in my students; and I found a community of like-minded teachers who became my friends and colleagues over the years.

This summer I taught Level I courses in the Denver area and in Los Angeles.  One student in the LA course posted a reflection on her blog.  With her permission I am re-posting it here.  For anyone who is curious about what the Orff Schulwerk Levels training is all about, this is recommended reading.

~ Liz

Click HERE for the article.

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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the link. I have a bit more insight into what you do when you disappear for the summer. It sounds fabulous.

  2. Hi! Behold is a good offer for you.

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